Mr. George – Humanities/World History Term Rubric for Assessments / Grading (based on approximately 8 weeks)

Class Participation/ Demonstrating Respect8%
Announced/Pop Quiz/ Reading Check16%
Assignments / Misc.20%
Unit Tests20%
Term DBQ20%
Chapter Summaries/Quizlets: Mistageorge on Quizlet
Chapter 1 summary; Chapter 1 Quizlet  
Chapter 2 summary; Chapter 2 Quizlet
Chapter 3 summary; Chapter 3 Quizlet
Chapter 4 summary; Chapter 4 Quizlet
Chapter 5 summary; Chapter 5 (Greece) Quizlet
Chapter 6 summary; Ch 6 (Rome) Quizlet
Chapter 7 summary; Chapter 7 (China & India) Quizlet  
Chapter 10 (Islam) Quizlet  
Chapter 8 three page summary Chapter 8 (Africa) Quizlet
Chapter 15 three page summary Chapter 15 (Africa) Quizlet
Chapter 12 summary; Chapter 12 (Eastern Civ) Quizlet
Chapter 13 summary; Chapter 13 Quizlet (Middle Ages)
Chapter 14 summary; 
Chapter 17 summary; Renaissance Quizlet /Ch 17  
Chapter 19 summary
Chapter 20 summary
Chapter 21 summary
Chapter 22 summary
Chapter 23 summary

Online textbook

Unit 1 Textbook – Chapters 1-4 PDF

Unit 2 Textbook- Chapters 5-9 PDF

Unit 3 Textbook- Chapters 10-15 PDF

Unit 4 Textbook- Chapters 16-20 PDF

Unit 5 Textbook- Chapters 21-24 PDF

Term 1

VideosUnit NotesHumanities 9-2World History 9-3
Mr. George Welcome Video (14:53)Humanities 9-2 SyllabusWorld History 9-3 Syllabus
Note-taking Exampleletter to selfletter to self
MLA example (GoogleDoc) MLA example (GoogleDoc)
**Notes Unit 1 – River Valley Civ UnitUnit 1 handout 9-29-3 Unit 1 handout
worksheet 1-3
worksheet 2-1
Unit 1 (video 11:26)9-2 Unit 1 One-page Study Guide9-3 Unit 1 One-page Study Guide
*History is an Onion Diamond Reading
Link to Video: Guns, Germs and Steel (1hr 3 min)*Guns Germs Steele Viewing Guide
Flow Chart – Post GGS (Guns, Germs & Steel) Video (5:34)
FlowchartFive Characteristics of a CivilizationFive Characteristics of a Civilization
Mass.: Characteristics of a Civ (8:18)Mass. CARAS
Ancient Mesopotamia (video 12:47 min)ANCIENT MESOPOTAMIA (Comprehensive Presentation)

Epic of Gilgamesh excerpt
ANCIENT MESOPOTAMIA (Comprehensive Presentation)
China – Ancient China to Classical (video 10:27 min)Belief Systems Handout (and Graphic Organizer)
Indian Caste System
Constitution Day – Hammurabi PPTConstitution Day – Hammurabi PPT
2020 Code of Hammurabi2020 Code of Hammurabi
2020 Hammurabi Googledoc2020 Hammurabi Googledoc
Persia: Engineering an Empire (video watch first 44:26 of 1 hr 8 minutes)Advertising Persia HW
Blank River Valley Graphic Org. (Googledoc)Blank River Valley Graphic Org. (Googledoc)
9-2 River Valley Civilization / Ideal Civ – Team Presentation9-3 River Valley Civilization Team Presentation
DBQ Resources———————-———————-———————-
How do I do a DBQ? (video 12:05)Term 1 Humanities 9-2 DBQ Term 1 World History 9-3 DBQ
How to Analyze a Document – using HIPP (video 12:44)HIPP doc (historical context, intended audience, purpose, POV)Example of outline paragraph for DBQExample of outline paragraph for DBQ
DBQ/Research Paper Process (video 6:25)DBQ Process – Analyzing docs; DBQ Process – Analyzing docs;
Reading Comprehension NotesDBQ NotesDBQ Notes
DBQ Level 2 Outline ExampleTerm 1 DBQ Outline 9-3(blank)

DBQ Level Outline Example(completed)
American Teenager Thesis ExampleAmerican Teenager Thesis Example
**Notes – Belief Systems, Western Civ, Eastern CivBelief Systems Study Guide9-3 Belief Systems Study Guide
East-West Beliefs ChartEast-West Beliefs Chart
Buddhism & Eightfold Path (video 7:06)Information about Buddhism;
Legend of the Buddha (2020)

oldLegend of the Buddha
Eightfold Path CollageEightfold Path Collage
Caste System (video 5:35)
Hinduism (video 5:22)Hinduism & Buddhism Comparison- blank
Hinduism NotesHinduism & Buddhism/Venn
Christianity Readings;
Ten Commandments
Christianity PDF 9 questions – Googledoc
Judaism slides
What Would Confucius DoWhat Would Confucius Do
Ancient & Classical Greece (video 15:00)PhilosophersGreek Philosopher Matrix
Greek Philosophers (video 8:40)Philosophers HW 5-3 5-5
Epicureanism vs StoicismEpicureanism vs Stoicism
Chinese Belief Systems (Video 8:46)Confucianism-Daoism-Legalism Chart3 Chinese Belief Systems (Confucianism, Daoism, Legalism)
Yin & Yang Video (4 min)
China – Ancient China to Classical (video 10:27 min)Socratic Seminar DocsSocratic Seminar Docs
Plato’s Allegory of Cave video (4:32 min)Allegory of the Cave Text

Term 2

VideosUnit NotesHumanities 9-2World History 9-3
**Notes Classical GreeceHUM Classical Western Civ (Greece & Rome) study guide9-3 Classical Western Civ Study Guide (Greece and Rome)
Greece Video (54 min)Greece Timeline
Blank Greece & Rome TimelineBlank Greece Rome timeline
Reforms in Athens SlidesReforms in Athens Slides
Greece City States SlidesGreece City States Slides
Phalanx SlidesPhalanx Slides
Peloponnesian War SlidesPeloponnesian War Slides
Greece map and questionsGreece Map and Questions
Athens Sparta debateAthens v. Sparta debate
Alexander the Great & Hellenism (video 11:14)Herodotus Handout
Alexander the Great (video 57 min)Antigone passage
Pericles Funeral Oration
**Notes Rome UnitRome & Greece Timeline
Rise of Rome Video (50 min)6-1 Introduction to Rome
Rome Ultimate Empire (Lost Civ) (49 min)Rome Ultimate Empire questionsRome Ultimate Empire questions
Rome – Republic to Empire (video 15 min)Reading Guide 6.2
Greece & Rome TimelineRoman Empire- 15 QuestionsRoman Empire- 15 Questions
SHEG: Roman Republic Student Materials
Hannibal Crosses Alps
Julius Caesar Handout
Caesar EulogyCaesar Eulogy
9-2 HUM Term 2 DBQ (Greece/Rome/USA)Term 2 DBQ Outline

2019 9-3 Term 2 DBQ (Greece/Rome/USA
Fall of Rome Socratic SeminarFall of Rome Socratic Seminar
Rome and Greece News Report
Indian Empires (show 37 min of 48 min video)Classical Eastern Civilizations Study Guide
**Notes Classical East – India & ChinaGupta Golden AgeChapter 7: Eastern Civilizations (China & India)

Gupta Golden Age
Mauryan & Gupta Empires (video 8:11)India/Mauryan & Gupta and China/Han Timeline Comparion
RamayanaRamayana Video (22 min)
Ramayana Questions
History of the Silk Road (PDF)Classical Civilization China ReadingClassical Civilization China Reading
4-4 Qin Dynasty
How Does Religion Affect..

Mid Year Exam Review
2021 9-2 Humanities Mid Year Exam Study Guide

2021 9-3 World History Mid Year Exam Study Guide

Term 3

VideosUnit NotesHumanities 9-2World History 9-3
**Notes Student Unit IIIIslam study guideIslam Study Guide
What is IslamWhat is Muslim World?

What is Islam
Inside Mecca Video (55 min)Inside Mecca Vid QuestInside Mecca Vid Quest)

Ch 10 Sec 1 Read Guide
Qur’an Excerpts
Qur’an and Islam Info Doc
Sunni – Shi’a Video (video 8 min)Spread of Islam DBQ – mini SLD
Three Monotheistic Religions

Golden Age of Islam

Duties of the Caliph
Three Monotheistic Religions

Golden Age of Islam

Duties of the Caliph
World Religions Animated Spreading (video 2:35)Venn Diagram – 3 Monotheistic ReligionsVenn Diagram – 3 Monotheistic Religions
Byzantine Empire: Engineering an Empire Video (Show first 44 min)Byzantine Empire 11-1
Overview of Byzantine Empire (video 9:24)
Overview of European Middle Ages (video (14:55)Middle Ages Study GuideMiddle Ages Study Guide
Vikings Video (42 min)Crusades: Causes and Effects
Crusades video (9:45)Poem – Two Voices (student doc)Crusades Poem – Two Voices (student doc)
Magna Carta 6:29 Video (UK Parliament)Magna Carta HWMiddle Ages Labels-SLD

Bill of Rights handout

14-4 Great Schism
**Notes Trade Networks Student ResourceSub Saharan Africa Reading
Questions to answer
Africa Study Guide Packet
Big Map Africa – QuestionsBig Map Africa – Questions
Africa Big MapAfrica Big Map
Mansa Musa & Islam in Africa (video 10:30)African documents and QuestionsAfrican documents and Questions
Indian Ocean Trade (video 10:14)Marco Polo Reading
Marco Polo Reading Guide
Marco Polo primary source
Mongol Empire (video 58 min)Mongol Readings
How Mongols Became Muslims (video 6:32)Eastern Africa Slavery Activity
Trade Networks Map or Modified Trade Networks Map
Medieval China: Crash Course History of Science #8
Crash Course: Mongols
John Green: The Silk Road and Ancient Trade
Post Classical Period/Trade Networks Summary (video 15 min)

Term 4

VideosUnit NotesHumanities 9-2World History 9-3
**Notes Student Unit IVCh17 Renaissance and Reformation Study Guide

Boccaccio: Decameron
Ch17 Renaissance and Reformation Study Guide
Overview of Renaissance (30 min)
Overview of Renaissance Video – Questions
17-1 Italy, Birthplace of Renaissance Reading
Chapter 17 -1 Questions PDF
17-1 Questions (googledoc)
Renaissance Humanism Reading
Humanism Questions from Reading
Italian vs. Northern Renaissance
History of Renaissance (video 43 min)Renaissance Art Analysis ChartRenaissance Art Analysis Chart
Birth of a Dynasty (Medici, 55 min)9-2 Spirit of Renaissance (SOR) Research Project9-3 Spirit of Renaissance Research Project
Project Handout 9-3
Sample Paper
Footnotes Tips

9-4 Spirit of Renaissance Research Project
Project Handout 9-4
Sample Paper
Footnotes Tips
Sample SOR Paper
Footnotes Tips
Martin Luther and Reformation Video95 Theses Document95 Theses Document
Utopia QuestionsUtopia Questions
Vitruvian Man ActivityVitruvian Man Activity
Prince QuestionsThe Prince Homework assignment

Prince Questions
Scientific Revolution & Enlightenment Shark Tank
Enlightenment Ch 22 Sect 2
Five Core Concepts PhilosophesFive Core Concepts Philosophes
Great Debate – Graphic OrganizerGreat Debate – Graphic Organizer
Three Theories of the Solar SystemThree Theories of the Solar System
England EvolvesEngland evolves
Age of Exploration ProjectAge of Exploration Project
Land and Maritime Empires Project
Aztecs Documentary (1 hour 27 min)How the Aztecs Changed the World.pdf
Amerindian-Latin America Project 9-2Amerindian-Latin America Project 9-3
Wari and Tiwanaku ReadingWari and Tiwanaku Reading
1493 The True Importance Of Christopher Columbus1493 The True Importance Of Christopher Columbus
Columbian ExchangeColumbian Exchange
Columbian Exchange handoutColumbian Exchange handout
French Rev (43 min) – Notre Dame, France, Napoleon9-2 French Revolution study guide9-3 Revolutions Study Guide
French Revolution VideoThree EstatesThree Estates
French Revolution 23 Sec 1French Revolution 23 Sec 1
French Revolution 23 Sec 2French Revolution 23 Sec 2
French_Revolution PPTFrench_Revolution PPT
Excellent Resource: May 2019 Absolutism &_ The French Revolution French Rev Diary (word doc)French Rev Diary (word doc)
Template: Dear Diary – Story of French RevolutionTemplate: Dear Diary – Story of French Revolution
Google Slides Timeline for DiaryGoogle Slides Timeline for Diary
Forms of Government from River Valley Civs -> Early Modern Period (14:41)

Final Exam Review
9-2 Humanities Final Exam Study Guide

9-3 World History Final Exam Study Guide

Substitute Lesson Plans

Civilization Creation Project

Lost Civilizations of China Video

China’s Century of Humiliation Video (1 hr 17 min)

2020-2021 Humanities 9-2 & World History 9-3 Curriculum

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