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Chapter Summaries/Quizlets: Mistageorge on Quizlet
Chapter 1 summary; Chapter 1 Quizlet  
Chapter 2 summary; Chapter 2 Quizlet
Chapter 3 summary; Chapter 3 Quizlet
Chapter 4 summary; Chapter 4 Quizlet
Chapter 5 summary; Chapter 5 (Greece) Quizlet
Chapter 6 summary; Ch 6 (Rome) Quizlet
Chapter 7 summary; Chapter 7 (China & India) Quizlet  
Chapter 10 (Islam) Quizlet  
Chapter 8 three page summary Chapter 8 (Africa) Quizlet
Chapter 15 three page summary Chapter 15 (Africa) Quizlet
Chapter 12 summary; Chapter 12 (Eastern Civ) Quizlet
Chapter 19 summary
Chapter 13 summary; Chapter 13 Quizlet (Middle Ages)
Chapter 14 summary; 
Chapter 17 summary; Renaissance Quizlet /Ch 17  
Chapter 19 summary
Chapter 20 summary
Chapter 21 summary
Chapter 22 summary
Chapter 23 summary

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Term 1 Humanities (9-2)

HUM course intro

letter to self
MLA example (GoogleDoc)

9-2 unit 1 handout

worksheet 1-3

worksheet 2-1

**Notes Unit 1 – River Valley Civ Unit

*History is an Onion Diamond Reading

*Guns Germs Steele Viewing Guide

Link to Video: Guns, Germs and Steel

Early Civilization Graphic Organizer

River Valley Graphic Org. (Googledoc)

River Valley Civilization – Team Presentation

Belief Systems Handout (and Graphic Organizer)

Constitution Day – Hammurabi PPT

Five Characteristics of Civilization

ANCIENT MESOPOTAMIA (Comprehensive Presentation)

2019 Term 1 DBQ 9-2 (River Vally Civs)

DBQ Term 1 Process – Steps for Analyzing docs;

DBQ Notes

**Notes – Belief Systems, Western Civ, Eastern CIv

Belief Systems Study Guide

Information about Buddhism;
Legend of the Buddha
Eightfold Path Collage
Hinduism & Buddhism Comparison- blank

Caste System

Christianity Readings;
Ten Commandments


Judaism slides

What Would Confucius Do


Philosophers HW 5-3 5-5

Greek Philosopher Matrix

Epicureanism vs Stoicism

Confucianism-Daoism-Legalism Chart

Socratic Seminar Docs

Allegory of the Cave Text

Term 2 Humanities (9-2)

**Notes Classical Greece

Western Civ. Study Guide 9-2

Reforms in Athens Slides
Greece City States Slides
Phalanx Slides
Peloponnesian War Slides

Greece Map

Greece Video (54 min)

Herodotus Handout

Alexander the Great Video (57 min)

**Notes Rome Unit

6-1 Introduction to Rome

Rise of Rome Video (50 min)

Rome Ultimate Empire (Lost Civ) (49 min)

Rome Ultimate Empire questions

Reading Guide 6.2

Roman Empire- 15 Questions

SHEG: Roman Republic Student Materials

Hannibal Crosses Alps

Julius Caesar Handout

9-2 Humanities Term2 DBQ – Greece/Rome v US

Fall of Rome Socratic Seminar

Classical Eastern Civilizations Study Guide

Indian Empires (show 37 min of 48 min video)

Gupta Golden Age


Ramayana Video (22 min)
Ramayana Questions

History of the Silk Road (PDF)

Classical Civilization China Reading

4-4 Qin Dynasty

Term 3 Humanities (9-2)

**Notes Student Unit III

Islam Study Guide

What is Islam

Inside Mecca Video (55 min)
Inside Mecca Vid Quest

Ch 10 Sec 1 Read Guide
Qur’an Excerpts

Qur’an and Islam Info Doc

Spread of Islam DBQ – mini SLD

Sunni – Shi’a Video (8 min)

Three Monotheistic Religions

World Religions Animated Spreading (2:35)

Byzantine Empire: Engineering an Empire Video (44 min)

Byzantine Empire 11-1

Middle Ages Study Guide

Magna Carta HW

Vikings Video (42 min)

14-4 Great Schism

**Notes Trade Networks Student Resource

Sub Saharan Africa

Big Map Africa – Questions

Africa Big Map

African documents and Questions

Marco Polo primary source

Mansa Musa & Islam in Africa (10:30)

Indian Ocean Trade (10:14)

Mongol Empire (43 min)

How Mongols Became Muslims (6:32)

Term 4 Humanities (9-2)

**Notes Student Unit IV

Ch17 Renaissance and Reformation Study Guide

History of Renaissance (43 min)

Birth of a Dynasty (Medici, 55 min)

Chapter 17 Section 1 HW


Renaissance Art Analysis Chart

Spirit of Renaissance Research Project

95 Theses Document

Utopia Questions

Vitruvian Man Activity

Prince Questions

Martin Luther and Reformation Video

Enlightenment Ch 22 Sect 2

Five Core Concepts Philosophes

Great Debate – Graphic Organizer

Three Theories of the Solar System

England evolves

Age of Exploration Project

1493 The True Importance Of Christopher Columbus

Columbian Exchange

Colombian Exchange handout

French Rev (43 min) – Notre Dame, France, Napoleon

French Revolution Video

9-2 French Revolution study guide

Three Estates

French Revolution 23 Sec 1

French Revolution 23 Sec 2

French_Revolution PPT

Excellent Resource: May 2019 Absolutism &_ The French Revolution

French Rev Diary (word doc)

Template: Dear Diary – Story of French Revolution

Google Slides Timeline for Diary

Substitute Lesson Plans:

Civilization Creation Project

Lost Civilizations of China Video

2019 Humanities 9-2

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