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A Block – World History 9-3
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Chapter Summaries/Quizlets: Mistageorge on Quizlet

Chapter 1 summary; Chapter 1 Quizlet
Chapter 2 summary; Chapter 2 Quizlet
Chapter 3 summary; Chapter 3 Quizlet
Chapter 4 summary; Chapter 4 Quizlet

Chapter 5 summary; Chapter 5 (Greece) Quizlet
Chapter 6 summary; Ch 6 (Rome) Quizlet
Chapter 7 summary; Chapter 7 (China & India) Quizlet

Chapter 10 (Islam) Quizlet
Chapter 8 three page summaryChapter 8 (Africa) Quizlet
Chapter 15 three page summaryChapter 15 (Africa) Quizlet
Chapter 12 summary; Chapter 12 (Eastern Civ) Quizlet
Chapter 19 summary
Chapter 13 summary; Chapter 13 Quizlet (Middle Ages)
Chapter 14 summary; 

Chapter 17 summary; Renaissance Quizlet /Ch 17
Chapter 19 summary
Chapter 20 summary
Chapter 21 summary
Chapter 22 summary
Chapter 23 summary

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Term 1 World History (9-3)

9-3 Course Introduction

letter to self
MLA example (GoogleDoc)

9-3 Unit1 handout

**Notes Unit 1 – River Valley Civ Unit

Link to Video: Guns, Germs and Steel

Early Civilization Graphic Organizer

River Valley Graphic Org.

*River Valley Civ Project Group Presentation

9-3 Belief Systems Study Guide

Constitution Day – Hammurabi PPT

Five Characteristics of Civilization

ANCIENT MESOPOTAMIA (Comprehensive Presentation)

9-3-DBQ Term 1 River Valleys

9-4-DBQ Term 1 River Valleys

Term 1 DBQ Outline 9-3(blank)

DBQ Level Outline Example(completed)

American Teenager Thesis Example

**Notes – Belief Systems, Western Civ, Eastern CIv

Belief Systems Study Guide

Eightfold Path Collage

What Would Confucius Do

Greek Philosopher Matrix

Epicureanism vs Stoicism

3 Chinese Belief Systems (Confucianism, Daoism, Legalism)

Socratic Seminar Docs

Plato’s Allegory of Cave video (4:32 min)

Term 2 World History (9-3)

**Notes Classical Greecce

Greece-Rome Study Guide 9-3

Reforms in Athens Slides

Greece City States Slides
Phalanx Slides
Peloponnesian War Slides

Greece Map

Greece Video (54 min)

Alexander the Great Video (57 min)

**Notes Rome Unit

Rise of Rome Video (50 min)

Rome Ultimate Empire (Lost Civ) (49 min)

Rome Ultimate Empire questions

Roman Empire- 15 Questions

Rome and Greece News Report

Fall of Rome Socratic Seminar

Term 2 9-3 DBQ Greece/Rome

Term 2 9-4 DBQ Greece/Rome

Term 2 DBQ Outline

Chapter 7: Eastern Civilizations (China & India)

Indian Empires (show 37 min of 48 min video)

Gupta Golden Age

Ramayana Video (22 min)

History of the Silk Road (PDF)

Classical Civilization China Reading

Term 3 World History (9-3)

**Notes Student Unit III

Chapter 10 Study Guide: Islam

What is Muslim World?

What is Islam

Inside Mecca Video (55 min)
Inside Mecca Vid Questmin)

Spread of Islam DBQ – mini SLD

Sunni – Shi’a Video (8 min)

Three Monotheistic Religions

World Religions Animated Spreading (2:35)

Byzantine Empire: Engineering an Empire Video (44 min)

Middle Ages Study Guide

Middle Ages Labels-SLD

Bill of Rights handout

Magna Carta Video (UK Parliament)

Vikings Video (42 min)

**Notes Trade Networks Student Resource

Africa Study Guide Packet

Big Map Africa – Questions

Africa Big Map

African documents and Questions

Marco Polo primary source

Mansa Musa & Islam in Africa (10:30)

Indian Ocean Trade (10:14)

Mongol Empire (43 min)

How Mongols Became Muslims (6:32)

Term 4 World History (9-3)

**Notes Student Unit IV

Ch17 Renaissance and Reformation Study Guide

History of Renaissance (43 min)

Birth of a Dynasty (Medici, 55 min)

Renaissance Art Analysis Chart

9-3 Spirit of Renaissance Research Project


9-4 Spirit of Renaissance Research Project

95 Theses Document

Utopia Questions

Vitruvian Man Activity

The Prince Homework assignment

Prince Questions

Martin Luther and Reformation Video

Five Core Concepts Philosophes

Great Debate – Graphic Organizer

Three Theories of the Solar System

England evolves

Age of Exploration Project

1493 The True Importance Of Christopher Columbus

Columbian Exchange

Colombian Exchange handout

French Rev (43 min) – Notre Dame, France, Napoleon

9-3 Revolutions Study Guide

French Revolution Video (90 min)

Three Estates

French Revolution 23 Sec 1

French Revolution 23 Sec 2

French_Revolution PPT

Excellent Resource: May 2019 Absolutism &_ The French Revolution

French Rev Diary (word doc)

Template: Dear Diary – Story of French Revolution

Google Slides Timeline for Diary

Substitute Lesson Plans:

Civilization Creation Project

Lost Civilizations of China Video

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