This course examines entrepreneurship and the components of starting and operating a business. It also focuses on the role of the entrepreneur in our economy and our community. Through the text, student workbooks, case studies, articles and other business sources, students will be exposed to the major aspects of business management and entrepreneurship. Students will be required to “think critically” and draw conclusions based on different business situations. Additional topics include business communication, business ownership, business plans, financial reports, economic concepts, marketing, human resource management, and information technology.

Course Documents: Syllabus Spring A Block: Class ID: 20164244; enrollment password: disrupt

GoogleDoc: Entrepreneur Assignment: due Thursday 1/31/2019

Term 1 Writing Assignment: Manage Through Chaos. Assignment & Rubric. Tuesday 3/5/2019

Term 2 Writing Assignment:  Zappos articles.   Assignment & Rubric. Tuesday, 4/9/2019

Lessons/Resources Handouts Links/Extras
 Introduction to Entrepreneurship Complete_Unit1 Student Handout

*Blake MyCoskie

Richard Branson Video (57 min)

  • Active Listening – The BodyShop
  • Telephone
  • Airplane Conversation
  • Amazing Race
Communications/Elements of Successful Negotiations Strategy   Negotiation Terms and Worksheet
 Forms of Business Ownership  Unit 3 – Types of Ownership & Franchises Handout  Forms of Ownership Overhead (includes Apple org chart, Joe’s Plumbing org chart)
 Build a Mobile App  Franchise Google Doc
 3 Predictions
Financial Statements (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement)   Unit 4 – Financial Statements Handout  Create Income Statement in Excel using Wizard
 Aldo’s Painting – Comparative Income Statement
Financial Statements Template (download and make a copy onto Google Drive)
Mad Murphs Barbershop solutions
Financial Statements Solutions
 Marketing & Target Markets Unit Packet – Intro to Marketing
 Product Strategy Product – Student Handout

Teacher Product Strategy Lesson Plan
Product Packaging PPT

 Place Strategy Place – Student Handout

Teacher Place Strategy Lesson Plan

 Price Strategy
 Promotion Strategy
 Market Research: The identifying of a problem – combined with the design, collection and analysis of market research for the evaluation of potential recommendations and solutions. Initial OH – Market Research

 Marketing Plans: Apply principles of creating marketing plans Boom Boom Marketing Assignment
20th century Consumerism: 6-day lesson plan on U.S. consumerism linking historical themes within the U.S. and the world to the development of advertising and consumerism in the 20th century. Coca-Cola Lesson Plan

History of Coca-Cola (10 videos)

1 of 10:
2 of 10:
3 of 10:
4 of 10:
5 of 10:
6 of 10:
7 of 10:
8 of 10:
9 of 10:
10 of 10:

 Marketing of You: Your Image and Personal Brand
 Miscellaneous Marketing
  • Municipal Advertising
  • Taste Test (product packaging)
  • 20th century Marketing Technology/Social Media
Story of Content (43 min)

Real Value Video

Define “cool” (lifecycle)

 Business Plan Project
Business Plan Worksheet (Google doc – make a copy) Download 2018 Business Plan Template Googledoc  2014 Young Entrepreneurs of the Year
 Business plan worksheet (Word doc) Download 2018 Financial Plan Template GoogleSheets
2017 Business Plan Sample
 Human Resource Management  Unit 6 – Human Resource Management Handout  Amazon (25 min)
Netflix (25 min)
 Mr. Cory’s Cookies (43 min)

Evaluate: Finance & Accounting, Technology and Systems, Operations and Inventory, HR, Marketing

 One Young World (46 min)
 Profit – 17 min – Coopersberg Sports  Walmart Video
 Profit – 14 min – Key West Key Lime Pie  Hot Shot Business Simulation

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