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D Block – Business Management
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Course Introduction:_Syllabus

Unit 1 handout

GoogleDoc: Entrepreneur Assignment: due Wednesday 2/12/2020

Term 1 Writing Assignment: Manage Through Chaos. Assignment & Rubric. Tuesday 2/25/2020

Term 2 Writing Assignment:  Zappos articles.   Assignment & Rubric. Tuesday 4/14/2020

Lessons/Resources Handouts Links/Extras
 Introduction to Entrepreneurship *Blake MyCoskie

Richard Branson Video (57 min)

Richard Branson – Raw Instinct Video (51 min)

  • Active Listening – The BodyShop
  • Telephone
  • Airplane Conversation
  • Amazing Race
Communications/Elements of Successful Negotiations Strategy   Negotiation Terms and Worksheet
 Forms of Business Ownership  Unit 3 – Types of Ownership & Franchises Handout  Forms of Ownership Overhead (includes Apple org chart, Joe’s Plumbing org chart)
   Build a Mobile App D block Franchise Google Doc
     3 Predictions
Financial Statements (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement)   Unit 4 – Financial Statements Handout  Create Income Statement in Excel using Wizard
     Aldo’s Painting – Comparative Income Statement
    Financial Statements Template (download and make a copy onto Google Drive)
    Mad Murphs Barbershop solutions
    Financial Statements Solutions

 Marketing & Target Markets

Full Marketing Student Handout

Unit Packet – Intro to Marketing

 Product Strategy Product – Student Handout

Teacher Product Strategy Lesson Plan
Product Packaging PPT

 Place Strategy Place – Student Handout

Teacher Place Strategy Lesson Plan

 Price Strategy
 Promotion Strategy
 Market Research: The identifying of a problem – combined with the design, collection and analysis of market research for the evaluation of potential recommendations and solutions. Initial OH – Market Research

 Marketing Plans: Apply principles of creating marketing plans Boom Boom Marketing Assignment  
20th century Consumerism: 6-day lesson plan on U.S. consumerism linking historical themes within the U.S. and the world to the development of advertising and consumerism in the 20th century. Coca-Cola Lesson Plan

History of Coca-Cola (10 videos)

1 of 10:
2 of 10:
3 of 10:
4 of 10:
5 of 10:
6 of 10:
7 of 10:
8 of 10:
9 of 10:
10 of 10:

 Marketing of You: Your Image and Personal Brand  
 Miscellaneous Marketing
  • Municipal Advertising
  • Taste Test (product packaging)
  • 20th century Marketing Technology/Social Media
Story of Content (43 min)

Real Value Video

Define “cool” (lifecycle)

Business Plan Project
Business Plan Worksheet (Google doc – make a copy) Download 2019 Business Plan Template Googledoc  2014 Young Entrepreneurs of the Year
  Download 2018 Financial Plan Template GoogleSheets  
  Fall 2019 Business Plan example  
 Human Resource Management  Unit 6 – Human Resource Management Handout  Amazon (25 min)
    Netflix (25 min)
   Mr. Cory’s Cookies (43 min)

Evaluate: Finance & Accounting, Technology and Systems, Operations and Inventory, HR, Marketing

 One Young World (46 min)
JK Rowling (25  min)  Profit – 17 min – Coopersberg Sports  Walmart Video
   Profit – 14 min – Key West Key Lime Pie  Hot Shot Business Simulation


Personal Finance Project

Modified Business Plan Assignment through Closure:

Watch 43-min video on Mr. Cory’s Cookies (13-year old entrepreneur)

  • Note importance of financials, goals and planning within a start-up
  • Another objective of video is to inspire you!

Review Sample Business Plan Template PDF – you are only reviewing for content.

Read the article from the Small Business Administration (SBA) on basics of business plans


  1. Review the Essential Questions. Review the Readings/Resources and complete the Modified Business Plan Worksheet. (you’ll receive your own copy)

Market Research Handout

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