This course examines entrepreneurship and the components of starting and operating a business. It also focuses on the role of the entrepreneur in our economy and our community. Through the text, student workbooks, case studies, articles and other business sources, students will be exposed to the major aspects of business management and entrepreneurship. Students will be required to “think critically” and draw conclusions based on different business situations. Additional topics include business communication, business ownership, business plans, financial reports, economic concepts, marketing, human resource management, and information technology.

Course Announcements:

Term 1 Essay: Managing Through Chaos- due date: TBDTerm 2 Essay: Zappos- due date: TBD



Course Documents


Writing Assignments

Assignment & Rubric

 Unit 1: Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Intro to the course.

 Communications Unit

This unit looks at communications topics.

  • Active Listening – The BodyShop
  • Telephone
  • Airplane Conversation
  • Amazing Race


This unit looks at elements of successful negotiation.

Forms of Ownership

This unit looks at elements of business ownership.

Unit 3 – Types of Ownership & Franchises Handout

Forms of Ownership Overhead (includes Apple org chart, Joe’s Plumbing org chart)




 Financial Statements

This unit looks at the importance of financial information & financial statements.

Unit 4 – Financial Statements Handout


Unit 5 – Marketing Handout

 Human Resource Mgmt.

This unit looks at elements of success

Unit 6 – Human Resource Management Handout




Business Plan Project & Template

Youth Entrepreneur Video (50 min)



Miscellaneous Lessons

Independent lessons that can be taught individually or stretched across a business topic.


Hot Shot Business Simulation

Business Management Lesson Plans

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