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A Block Google Presentation (Two true – One false Activity)

C Block Google Presentation (Two true – One false Activity)


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WORD MVT assignment

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Monthly Rainfall



Excel Test

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Prezi & Gimp

Students complete three minutes of keyboarding. Record stats in excel

  1. Individually, you are going to create an account for Prezi software today at A few of you may have used it before and most have seen it within a presentation.
  2. You are going to create a prezi presentation, using words and images using the same chosen topic as your “presentation with no text”. For example, “how to brush their teeth.”
  3. You will also use Gimp (graphic editing software). This software is installed on your machine and can be found by going to Start>Programs.
  4. Within Gimp create at least two original images (can include modifying an existing image) that can be used within their Prezi presentation. For example, create an image for your title slide with your name.
  5. Try to make as much progress as you can within the hour, and feel free to help each other if you have questions – but each of you is completing the assignment individually.
  6. Feel free to listen to music today while working on your assignment.
  7. If you don’t finish, don’t worry about it. You’ll be given additional class time to complete.

Database Pre-Assessment Quiz

Common Query Criteria and Survey

Typing Tournament

NY Hacking





Computer Applications Spring 2016

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