Student Marketing Handout  (Syllabus, Grading, Assignments Due Dates, Study Guides, etc.)

Follow a Product (weekly assignment, due dates & examples for each week)

Follow a Product Assignment (Wednesdays) – weekly assignments due for Term 3. If class doesn’t meet on due date, the assignment will be due at the beginning of the next class. If you are absent when an assignment is due, you can provide it at the next class you are present. Late Assignments will not be accepted unless prior arrangement is made.

Topic Hardcopy due at beginning of class (Weds)
Week 1 Choose a Product, Branding, Motives 2/8
Week 2 Target Market 2/15
Week 3 Product Strategy 3/1
Week 4 Place Strategy 3/8
Week 5 Pricing Strategy 3/15
Week 6 Promotion Strategy 3/22

**Term 3 Writing Assignment: is a choice between “Stella & Dot” or “Go Pro Army”.  Hard copy due in class on Tuesday, March 7st. Last day to accept for partial credit (less 30%) is Friday, 3/10. Not accepted after 3/10 unless prior arrangement. Assignment, rubric and articles are linked below. Must be submitted to by end of day 3/10 (or loss of credit). codes noted for B & C Block Marketing classes.

Marketing B Block: ClassID 14549391           password: hingham

Marketing C Block : ClassID 14549437          password: hingham

Both articles are linked below:

Introduction to Marketing

This unit looks at the following topics: Buying Motives, Branding, Associations, Logos and Strategic Partnerships.

 Target Markets

This unit looks at types of markets and characteristics that markets have in common as well as how customers are differentiated based on factors.

Persuaders (2004) – 60 min.

4Ps of Marketing Visual & Target Market

Product Strategy

This unit looks at elements of a product/service’s product strategy.

Place Strategy

This unit looks at elements of a product/service’s place strategy.

Price Strategy

This unit looks at elements of a product/service’s price strategy.

 Promotion Strategy

This unit looks at elements of a product/service’s price strategy.

Market Research

The identifying of a problem – combined with the design, collection and analysis of market research for the evaluation of potential recommendations and solutions.

Marketing Plans

Apply principles of creating marketing plans


YouTube links.

 20th Century Consumerism

6-day lesson plan on U.S. consumerism linking historical themes within the U.S. and the world to the development of advertising and consumerism in the 20th century.

History of Coca-Cola (10 videos)

1 of 10:
2 of 10:
3 of 10:
4 of 10:
5 of 10:
6 of 10:
7 of 10:
8 of 10:
9 of 10:
10 of 10:

Marketing of You


  • Municipal Advertising
  • Taste Test (product packaging)
  • 20th century Marketing Technology/Social Media


Story of Content (43 min)

Real Value Video

  • Define “cool” (lifecycle)

Marketing – Spring 2017

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