Following videos are linked to classes indicated below:

Mr. George’s YouTube Channel is georgeacademics

Links to my YouTube videos are below:

(Taking Notes)

(Study & Learning Strategies)

(Getting Organized as a Student)

(Effective Presentations)

(DBQ process)

(Become a Better Writer)

World History

History Channel – Dark Ages Series

Magna Carta Video#1 (13 min)

Magna Carta Video #2 (3 min)

Bubonic Plague

Black Death Video (18 min)


General Videos

Animated Video on Poverty


Intro to Renaissance (6 min)

Birth of a Dynasty (Medici, 55 min)

14th Amendment Class Divided

Annenburg Classroom Videos – includes Magna Carta Video


Bloomberg Enterprise Video Links (general page):
Links to Elf on a Shelf
Tough Mudder

Bloomberg Risk Takers (general page): Elon Musk (45 min); Scott Boras (52 min)

The Naked Brand – The Future of Marketing – (44 min) – 2012

Frontline Persuaders Video Series (2004) – 6 chapters
Student Handout – Q&A
Chapter 1 – High Concept Campaign (13.12 min)
Chapter 2 – Emotional Branding (15.43 min)
Chapter 3 – Times Are A Changin’ (12.17 min)
Chapter 4 – Science of Selling (18.03 min)
Chapter 5 – Giving Us What We Want (13.02 min)
Chapter 6 – Narrowcasting Future (12.32 min)

Daymond John “Behind the Brand” (35 min)

 Business Management

Inside McDonald’s (2001) (21 min)




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