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B Block – World History 9-3 Class ID: 15900219; enrollment password: hammurabi
D Block – World History 9-3 Class ID: 15900225; enrollment password: theodora
E Block – Humanities 9-2 Class ID: 15900237; enrollment password: joanofarc
F Block – Humanities 9-2 Class ID: 15900243; enrollment password: octavian
Unit PDFs Chapter Summaries  Quizlets: Mistageorge on Quizlet
Unit 1 Chapter 1 summary;
Chapter 2 summary
Chapter 3 summary
Chapter 4 summary
Unit_2 Chapter 5 summary
Chapter 6 summary
Chapter 7 summary
Unit 3


Online textbook username: jbertoni11     password: j5n4j


Humanities (9-2) Student Handouts
 World History 1 (9-3) Student Handouts
Term 1 Syllabus 17-18 9-2 Unit 1 Complete Student Handout 9-3_Unit1 Complete Student Handout
2017 Student Unit I (RIver Valleys)

MLA example (for Letter to Self Assignment) – Word

*Unit 1 Early Civ. Study Guide Unit 1 Early Civ. Study Guide
MLA example (Google Doc) – view only. You must make a copy onto Google Drive. Early Civilization Graphic Organizer Early Civilization Graphic Organizer
Ch 1 Notes – Taking Notes Example *History is an Onion Diamond Reading River Valley Graphic Org
Letter to Self  *Guns Germs Steele Viewing Guide Term1 DBQ level 3
Term1 DBQ level 4Level 3 & 4 DBQ Outline
Cultural Mapping
I Am From Poem
*HW 1-1 and 1-2, HW 1-3, HW 2-1, HW 4-3 Lost Civilizations of China Video

Point of View (.doc)
Historical Interview
I Have Made History
Primary vs. Secondary Sources
Words to Describe the Past
Intro to Timelines (example)
Timeline Warmup & Solutions
Migration OH

Beliefs Handout and Graphic Organizer
Belief Systems Handout
Five Characteristics of Civilization
Mesopotamia PPT
3 min. NatGeo vid on Mesop.
Code of Hammurabi
Hammurabi Questions
Constitution Day – Hammurabi PPT
ANCIENT MESOPOTAMIA (Comprehensive Presentation)
River Valley Graphic Org.
Link to Video: Guns, Germs and Steel *River Valley Civ Project Group Presentation Level
DBQ Term 1 Process – Steps for Analyzing docs; 

DBQ Notes

Term1 DBQ level2

DBQ Level 2 Outline

American Teenager Thesis Example

Study Guide Template Blank
2017 Student Unit II – Belief Systems, Western Civ, Eastern CIv


9-2 Belief Systems Study Guide 9-3 Belief Systems Study Guide
Intro to Buddhism
Hinduism PPT slides
Hinduism & Buddhism Comparison
Caste System Handout
Caste System Levels (Activity)
Caste Review (Next Life)
Information about Buddhism;
Legend of the Buddha
Mandala Directions
Caste System
Eightfold Path Collage
 Judaism Fill-ins
Christianity Readings;
Ten Commandments

Ten Commandments – Translation

Judaism slides

Christianity & Judaism PDF

Judaism map

Ch 2 Packet
Ch 3 Packet
Ch 4 Packet

Philosophers HW 5-3 5-5


China Philosophies Primary Sources

Confucianism-Daoism-Legalism Chart

 Socratic Seminar Docs

Allegory of the Cave Text

 Term 2  Classical Western Civ. Study Guide 9-2 Greece-Rome Study Guide 9-3
Chapter 5 Packet
Reforms in Athens Slides

Greece City States Slides
Phalanx Slides
Peloponnesian War Slides
Greece Overview Lesson Plans

Greece Map Greece Map
Alexander the Great Outline
Alexander Video
Alexader PPT
Alexander the Great Questions

Alexander – Five Scenarios (Alexander & Empire)

Alexander Report Card
Alexander the Great Presentation
Herodotus Handout
 Ancient Greece Documents to be analyzed Antigone
Chapter 6 Packet (Rome)

6-1 Introduction to Rome
 Rome Ultimate Empire (Lost Civ) (49 min) Rome Ultimate Empire questions Rome Ultimate Empire questions
 Rome Student power point Reading Guide 6.2
SHEG: Roman Republic Student Materials
Hannibal Crosses Alps Roman Empire- 15 Questions
Julius Caesar Handout 2017 Rome and Greece News Report
US buildings 9-2 Term 2 DBQ Greece Rome 9-3 Term 2 DBQ Greece Rome
Influence Slides Fall of Rome Socratic Seminar Term 2 DBQ Outline 9-3
Greece Rome Did you know? Empire Building
Indian Empires (show 37 min of 48 min video)

Gupta Golden Age

Classical Eastern Civilizations Study Guide Chapter 7 Packet: Eastern Civilizations (China & India)
Ramayana Video (22 min)
Summary of the Ramayana
Gupta Achievements Postcard Collection Ramayana Questions
Silk Road
Silk Road Simulation
Silk Road Video (7 min)Spheres of Trade Simulation Document 1; Document 2
Silk Road Video (21st century) : 2 min
Silk Road Debrief PDF
History of the Silk Road (PDF)
Video – Lost Civilization of China

Lost Civilizations China Graphic Organizer

Classical Civilization China Reading
China Resources Site
Chinese Philosophy & Religion (PPT)
Link to Dynasty Video (Vogue)
Strong Chinese Rulers (PPT)
Shang Zhou Chart Key
Analects of Confucius Jigsaw
Primary Source – Legalism
Primary Source – Daoism
Yin Yang Collage
Shi Huangdi
Jeopardy China (PPT)
China Questionnaire

4-4 Qin Dynasty

India Bingo Review E Block Key Concepts Eastern Civ (India and China)

F Block Key Concepts Eastern Civ (India and China)

Primary Source documents – review

Mid-Year Exams 2017 Student Unit I (RIver Valleys)

2017 Student Unit II – Belief Systems, Western Civ, Eastern CIv

Mid Year Review – 20 questions



2018 L2 Mid Year Review materials 2018 L3 MidYr Review materials
Term 3
2018 Student Unit III

Hajj (BBC) 3:21 min
Dalu Jones Islamic Art article

Click Here:  “Islamic Art:  Mirror of the Invisible World.”  
Promotional Code: PX5D23G
Los Angeles County Museum of Art (Islamic Art)
Islam/Islamic Art Lesson Plans

What is Muslim World?

Gallery Walk

Google Earth – Tour of Mosques

Calligraphy Video #1 (6 min)

Calligraphy Video #2 ( 1 min)
Calligraphy Worksheet #1

Islamic Art Notes

Islamic Art Notes OH


Islamic Art Team Presentation

Mr. George Art Gallery

2nd example of Art Gallery (Getz)

Link  to Islam Project
Parts of a Mosque WS
Muhammad GO

17.18 Islam Study Guide

Inside Mecca Video (55 min)
Inside Mecca Vid Quest

Ch 10 Sec 1 Read Guide

Qur’an Excerpts
Qur’an and Islam Info Doc

Spread of Islam DBQ – mini SLD

Chapter 10 Study Guide: Islam

Inside Mecca Video (55 min)


 World Religions Animated Spreading (2:35) Three Monotheistic Religions
  What is Islam
 HW 13-1 The Transformation of the Roman World Byzantine Empire 11-1
Middle Ages – Chapter 13 & 14
Western Reserve PDF


Ch13 and 14 Packet (Middle Ages)
Vikings Video (42 min)  14-4 Great Schism
Church & Crusades
England and France
Black Death Simulation Game
Black Death Game
Post-Classical Expansion of Trade (Africa, Tong/Sang, Mongol) and Land Empires

Africa – Chapter 8 & 15

Sub Saharan Africa PDF West African Empires – Why was it great (Blank)
Africa Packet
West African Empires – Why was it great (Completed)
Africa Guided Notes (blank)
Big Map of Africa Questions
2017 Intro to Africa/Guided Notes
National Geographic Video – Africa (5 min)
Iron Ore Smelting (43 min)
Great Rift Valley (15 min)
 Tang / Song
 Mongol Empire
 Post-Classical Comparison
Term 4 2018 Student Unit IV

Renaissance, Reformation, Revolution and Questioning Continues
Ch 17, 19, 20, 22, 23

Chapter 17 Section 1 HW  Ch17 Renaissance Packet
Spirit of Renaissance – Google Doc to help create thesis and outline

Spirit of Renaissance Research Paper

Humanism  Vitruvian Man Activity
Class Painting Assignment (2-day)
Paint Under Desk
da Vinci Notebook
School of Athens Video 18min
Leonardo da Vinci Video
da Vinci Notebook
Reformation & Martin Luther Vid 55min
Martin Luther video
Gutenberg Press 9-min video
Renaissance Art LMC links
 Birth of a Dynasty (Medici, 55 min)  Prince Questions  The Prince Homework assignment
Great Debate – Graphic Organizer  Renaissance Art Analysis Chart  Revolutions Packet (Ch 19-23)
Revolutions study guide fill ins  95 Theses  Columbian Exchange
 Responses to Martin Luther HW  Colombian Exchange handout
Declaration of Independence  Spread of Protestantism Student Graphic Organizer Political Thinkers (Hobbes, Locke, Montesquieu, Rousseau)
Declaration of Rights of Man Worksheet  Reading Guide 17-4
 Enlightenment Ch 22 Sect 2
 Three Theories of the Solar System  Five Core Concepts Philosophes
Science in the Middle Ages  Age of Exploration Project
England evolves 1493 The True Importance Of Christopher Columbus
Three Estates  French Revolution 23 Sec 1
Quizlet Review – terms
Nostradamus 45-min. video
Galileo 2-hr video
 French Revolution 23 Sec 2
Final Exams  Review Terms Study Sheet
 Substitute Lesson Plans

Civilization Creation Project
China Video (link above)



Document Based Question Writing Assignments

MLA example

MLA with Works Cite example

 Theme of Slavery

This unit is a product of a Primary Source course that looks at Atlantic Slavery circa 1400-1600 A.D.


 CNN Freedom Project

Videos that look at contemporary slavery and human trafficking.


China Child Brides 3:13

USA 23


Kevin Bales Interview (4:49) – 3 videos below interview.

10 things (2:37)
Slavery 101 (12:26)

Human Trafficking Statistics/Fact Sheet

Cocoa-Nomics (1:30)
Carpets Made by Slave? (5:59)
Slavery in West Africa (23:57)
Gambia – Teenage Marriages (2:16)
Ghana – Undercover Journalist (3:46)
S. Korea – Juicy Bars (3:54)
Cambodia – Student Activists (3:35)

Humanities & World History – class page

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