World History I:  Lesson Plans




Daily opening questions or reflections posed to the class that students are expected to journalize.

Day 1

(Chapter 1) Introduction to History

Beginnings of Civilizations


 (Chapter 2) Early Civilizations

Early River Valley Civilizations of City-States of Mesopotamia (Ur Case Study), Egypt, Indus Valley and China.

 (Chapter 3) People & Ideas on the Move

Intro to Indus Valley geography, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism & caste system.

(Chapter 4) Age of Empires

Comparing and Contrasting of Ancient Civilizations & Empires; Intro to China, belief systems, Chinese Dynasties and the Silk Road.

Unit on China

Ancient China Grad. Project

China Resources Site

China Handout (Philosophies, Qin)China Vocab List

  • Oracle Bones
  • Chronological Dynasty List
  • Dynasty Song Lyrics
  • Confucianism & Cartoon Activity
  • Geography Graphic Organizer
  • WWCD (What Would Confucius Do?)

Jeopardy China (PPT)

Chapter 4 Quizlet

Chapter 4 three page summary


(Chapter 5) Ancient Greece

Rise of Western Civilzations.

Greece Overview Lesson Plans

Greek City-States ANSWERS

Forms of Govt. ANSWERS

Peloponnesian War -PPT ANSWERS

US-Athens Venn Diagram-ANSWERS


(Chapter 6) Roman Empire & Early Christianity

Roman Empire

F block Rome link

Study Guide Rome

 Western Civilizations

PPT Review of Greece & Rome

(Chapter 7) China & Indian Empires

(Eastern Civilizations)

Intro to Classical Eastern Civilzations, Chinese Dynasties, Indian Empires (Mauryan & Gupta)

Maurya & Gupta Empires PPT

Indian Empires (show 37 min of 48 min video)


 (Chapter 10) Islam & Muslim World

Islam as a Religion



 East & West. Civilization.

Similarities and Differences between Eastern Civ & Western Civ.


World Religions

Christianity – Judaism – Islam

Mid-Year Exam

20 question review Q&A

Strategies for Studying

Essay Template


Document Based Question Writing Assignments

MLA example

MLA with Works Cite example

Second Half of Year

Chapter 8 & 15 – African Societies



 Theme of Slavery

This unit is a product of a Primary Source course that looks at Atlantic Slavery circa 1400-1600 A.D.


 CNN Freedom Project

Videos that look at contemporary slavery and human trafficking.


China Child Brides 3:13

USA 23


Kevin Bales Interview (4:49) – 3 videos below interview.

10 things (2:37)
Slavery 101 (12:26)

Human Trafficking Statistics/Fact Sheet

Cocoa-Nomics (1:30)
Carpets Made by Slave? (5:59)
Slavery in West Africa (23:57)
Gambia – Teenage Marriages (2:16)
Ghana – Undercover Journalist (3:46)
S. Korea – Juicy Bars (3:54)
Cambodia – Student Activists (3:35)

Chapter 12 & 19 China/Eastern Golden Ages

Eastern Golden Ages


 Middle Ages – Chapters 13 & 14

Middle Ages Study Guide (13 & 14)

Black Death Simulation Game

Black Death Game

Term 3 Middle Ages DBQ


Chapter 17 – The Renaissance & Reformation

List of learning materials for Renaissance & Reformation Activities

School of Athens Video 18min

Leonardo da Vinci Video

Contents:Notebook of Leonardo da Vinci (‘The Codex Arundel’). A collection of papers written in Italian by Leonardo da Vinci (b. 1452, d. 1519), in his characteristic left-handed mirror-writing (reading from right to left), including diagrams, drawings and brief texts, covering a broad range of topics in science and art, as well as personal notes. The core of the notebook is a collection of materials that Leonardo describes as ‘a collection without order, drawn from many papers, which I have copied here, hoping to arrange them later each in its place according to the subjects of which they treat’ (f. 1r), a collection he began in the house of Piero di Braccio Martelli in Florence, in 1508. To this notebook has subsequently been added a number of other loose papers containing writing and diagrams produced by Leonardo throughout his career. Decoration: Numerous diagrams.

da Vinci Notebook

Reformation & Martin Luther Vid 55min

Martin Luther video

Gutenberg Press 9-min video

Renaissance Art LMC links


 Revolutions & Questioning Continues

(Chapter 19, 20, 22, 23)

List of learning materials for Age of Exploration, Scientific Revolution, Enlightenment, American & French Revolutions.

Nostradamus 45-min. video

Galileo 2-hr video

Final Exam

Materials for Final.

Review Terms Study Sheet


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DBQ Notes

Spirit of Renaissance Research Paper

Birth of a Dynasty (Medici, 55 min)

The Prince Homework assignment

Vitruvian Man Activity

Columbian Exchange

Political Thinkers (Hobbes, Locke, Montesquieu, Rousseau)

World History I – Lesson Plans & Extras

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